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This year, the craft and gift show will take place twice because of the popularity of the event.

The Greeley Tribun's Spring Craft & Gift Show brought a variety of vendors

By Odili Macias
April 26, 2014
The Tribune

Jason Wertz of Greeley began his business last year at the Greeley Farmer’s Market.

The business offers hand crafted tote bags, toy bags, travel bags and aprons, along with — as their business cards state — “any organizer you can think of.” The idea for the business came to Wertz because he used to own a crayon wrap — a cloth bag for crayons that holds them individually and rolls into a wrap — when he was younger that he had gotten at a craft fair.

“This is kind of old school and hopefully a flashback that gets people to remember, but at the same time these bags are very practical,” Wertz said.

Wertz’s business, Emlmwtli Productions, was among 58 other vendors present at the new spring Craft & Gift Show, sponsored by The Tribune, on Saturday at the Greeley Mall. The show will continue today.

This year, the craft and gift show will take place twice because of the popularity of the event. The fall show is known for being the largest crafts and gifts show in the northern region.

“The fall craft show has been going on for 16 years, and this is the first year we have expanded it — based on consumer and vendor feedback — into a series, holding one in the spring and another in the fall,” event coordinator Emily Tilton said.

Titlton said she didn’t know how many people came out to Saturday’s show, but it had been busy.

“I can’t guess the exact number of people that are here already, but I do know that the individuals who work the mall have said that this is a larger crowd than what they usually see on Saturdays,” she said.

The spring event comes just in time for the summer gift-giving seasons such as Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and graduations, she said.

Although Emlmwtli has only been open close to a year, Wertz said sales are steady.

“We are brand new and only sell at shows,” he said. “But here in Weld County we do very well.”

Wertz and his partner Ken Turner share the tasks of running the business. Turner sows the products and Wertz is in charge of buying the cloths in colorful forms and the supplies they add to their bags. Both work at selling their finished products.

The craft show also featured vendors and artisans who specialize in glass arts, sewing, needlework, culinary tools, food gifts, photography, greeting cards, décor, jewelry, instruments, health and beauty, toys, dog treats and education. Door prizes were given away. Every time someone purchased something they received a number for the chance to win items donated by the vendors.

“This is very lovely, people have displayed things very nicely, I have seen very interesting stuff,” said Carol Topping of Evans, who found a bracelet that matched an outfit of hers.

Anthony Torres, a photographer and poet, attracted attendees with the stories behind each of his pieces, which he said could be given as graduation presents or hung in living rooms. His business — Hand of God Photography — is named after a photograph he took in Greeley of a cloud formed into a hand reaching out from the heavens with sunset lights.

Torres told attendees most of his photos were taken in the Greeley area.

“The beauty we find in our own backyard is incredible,” he said.

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