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Partner Agency Spotlight: Emergency Food Box, Marshalltown

Partner Agency Spotlight: Emergency Food Box, Marshalltown

By FoodBank of Iowa

July 2013 Newsletter


The Emergency Food Box has a systematic method for soliciting donations for the food pantry by communicating updates to local churches each month, equipping volunteers with a list of the “most needed donations” and speaking to the public about the needs of the pantry. In May, the pantry received a major boost of donations that they were not expecting!


Susan Schuett-Krough, Marketing Coordinator at Marshall Town Center, decided to organize Marshall Town Center Can-Do. Can-Do is a community contest where teams build sculptures using non-perishable food items. All non-perishable food items were to be donated to Emergency Food Box. After a visit to the Emergency Food Box left her very impressed with the agency, Susan met with executives of companies in the community, shared about the work of the food pantry and asked them to sponsor a team to build a sculpture. Susan said, “don’t forget about the small companies because you would be surprised how much they want to be involved.” There were 21 Can-Do teams. Once the sculptures were built, media outlets encouraged further donations by inviting the general public to vote for the People’s Choice Award by donating a non-perishable food item in the bin for the sculpture of their choice. One item equaled one vote. What a great idea!

Marshalltown Community College, Home of the Tigers, won the People’s Choice Award by one can. The Can-Do event generated healthy competition resulting in a donation of nearly 23,000 non-perishable items.

Emergency Food Box decided to increase service to clients due to this event. From June to October 2013, clients may visit the food pantry every 30 days. They communicated the increased service from one visit every 60 days to one visit every 30 days with a Letter to the Editor in the local newspaper. Emergency Food Box has done an exceptional job communicating with their community. Ada Brown, Co-President of the Emergency Food Box, mentioned that “Marshalltown has done a wonderful job of supporting us!” The pantry will express their appreciation by presenting certificates to each team. Thank you to the Emergency Food Box and Susan Schuett-Krough for helping to show the impact of one community partner that was inspired by the work of a local food pantry.