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Students, community to help rename Burlington Center Mall

Students, community to help rename Burlington Center Mall

By Jeannie O Sullivan
May 17, 2013

 BURLINGTON TOWNSHIP — The feat: to give an old mall with an evolving image a new name.


The experts: the young people who have patronized the shopping center their whole lives and represent a significant target market.


Burlington Township High School’s marketing students unveiled the results of this very task Thursday to representatives of the Burlington Center Mall. The students spent two weeks coming up with rebranding plans for the 30-year-old township institution, which is undergoing a massive overhaul under its new owners.

That’s why junior Jacqueline Kott and senior Samuel Moir chose Renaissance Mall at Burlington as the new marquee for the Route 541 mainstay.

“The theme is rebirth, and that’s exactly what’s going on at the Burlington Center Mall,” Jacqueline said.

The projects entailed studying target markets, researching the psychology of color and surveying peers, among other tasks. The findings were parlayed into a name, logo design and explanation presented to mall managers and school district officials, including Superintendent Christopher Manno and principal Philip Brownridge.

Senior Keir Nemec’s project, the Shoppes at Burlington, used the state and county as a logo in gold and black to match the district’s sports teams. The same color scheme was used in another project, Goldfinch Plaza, by seniors Abe Olmedia and Brian Matthews, who chose the state bird as a theme.

Senior Christopher Yoos’ name for the mall, Viola Sororia, is an ode to the state flower. Seniors John Fryson and Tyler Thompson picked the name Summit Center Mall at Burlington, meaning the “highest attainable level of achievement,” according to their presentation.

The projects were the top five chosen from all the submissions from the 25-student class, marketing teacher Sheri Einhorn said. Mall manager Laurie Ballard attended the presentation with her assistant, Tina DeDeo.

“I love that they incorporated the state, county, colors, flowers and birds,” Ballard said.

The next step, Ballard said, is to select one of the plans using community input. She said the mall’s new owners plan to solicit feedback by advertising a survey.

Formerly owned by Jenkintown, Pa.-based Jager Management, the mall was acquired at auction by Moonbeam Capital Investments of Las Vegas last June. In April, company principals announced a plan to transform the shopping center into a “power strip” with eight big-box stores and well-known chain restaurants. A new name and façade will be part of the makeover.

While the mall’s future is approaching rapidly, its past had more than a little bit to do with the students’ enthusiasm, according to Einhorn.

“It was exciting for them, because it was the mall they grew up with,” she said.


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